We provide end to end solutions across the industrial imaging and healthcare spectrum. From formulating strategies in the industrial and healthcare sector to assisting the set up of entire facilities and operations management, we do it all.To meet the challenge of building or restructuring new industrial and healthcare facilities, you need a strong partner who helps you realize your project vision. Imagemed has partnership with some of the world's leading brands. We are authorized channel partners for: Carestream (Ex-Kodak), Quantum Medical Imaging, Image Information Systems, Bermedi, Onconcepts, Vidar, ViVi, to name but a few.

We have an impressive core customer base, including most of public and private facilities.

Our team is headed by industry's top professionals and supported by a highly trained engineers all over Pakistan & Afghanistan with a driving passion for customer care.

Imagemed strongly believes in combining technology with best practices to assure partner success. Our mission at Imagemed is to provide smart technology solutions that deliver improved outcomes for our partners.

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